ZenPRM is Healthcare's Master Data Management Platform.

ZenPRM - From data to insight to action

Healthcare organizations managing provider networks have a problem: large amounts of data generated daily from multiple sources, with a lack of consistency in how that data is reported. The result can be duplication, errors, and misspent productivity as your organization seeks to gather and verify information.

Your solution is ZenPRM, a cloud-based software service specifically designed to provide healthcare organizations with a single source of healthcare data truth in real-time information that is reliably accurate and secure across the entire network. ZenPRM tools let you better manage your workflow and analyze and report findings.

ZenPRM is simple, intuitive software that requires minimum ramp-up time – perfect for the busy environment of a healthcare facility.

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All the tools you need for accurate healthcare provider data in one platform.

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Bronx RHIO believes ZenPRM has the flexibility to enable key record keeping and tracking needed for managing the evolving organizational information required in today's healthcare environment.  ZenPRM is replacing multiple systems previously utilized for user management and will enhance our tracking of member organization information
- Charles Scaglione, Executive Director | BronxRHIO